NoMORE AVERAGE…‚Ķbeing who God Designed You to Be. Several hundreds of years ago, the nation of Israel had to decide who to worship as God. Before them was Jehovah [God Almighty who had at countless times saved, secured and provided for them in season and out of season] and baal [a worthless idol with no abilities except standing motionless and […]

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Strong, Steady and Secured.

Strong, Steady and Secured. The grace to withstand any force and in turn produce an even greater physical strength, spiritual power and emotional force effortlessly against your opposition has been released for you. This month you will also begin to enjoy deliverance by the Blood of Jesus and a higher manifestation of the protection of God from attack, interception, theft, […]

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PreciousPROMISES. The joy of Christianity is that we have been redeemed from curses and consequences of ancestral and personal sin by the MERCY of God. We have also as a result of the GRACE of God been given the privilege to enjoy PreciousPROMISES from God as our Inheritance. 2 PETER 1:32 PETER 1:3English: King James Version (1611) – KJV3 According as his divine power […]

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