#PearlHOUSE #September

Welcome to a new week of Great Grace and Manifestation. You will not only end today well but you will transit from August to September seamlessly while fulfilling purpose in the last month of the third quarter of this year.

Pregnant woman and child

As it is in the gestation cycle of humans, the ninth month signifies the end of the stay of a baby in the womb. No more restriction in a small space or dependence on an umbilical cord to be feed.

The ninth month also signifies the birth into the real world direct touch, smell, sight and taste…. It is the beginning of things dreamt of to be made manifest through your own hands.

All the seeds you have sown in the past months will become a harvest this month in Jesus name…. It will indeed be for you a “September to Remember”

The month of September is our month of “Faith and Entrepreneurship” so get set to be handheld through a processes like “Bootstrapping” which is starting a business by delaying procedures like incorporation, hiring, renting office space that traditional business model encourage…September is Business School Season.

4pm Every Sunday at the Evening Church Service.



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