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Beloved, Life isn’t really wasted in the first 25 years of life but the second (25-50 years). The foundation of life with the building blocks of values and alignment to purpose is laid in the first 25 but productivity is truly demanded in the second.

IMG_20150812_150034Jesus taught Professors in the temple of His time in the first 25 but was a Practitioner of His teaching in the second 25 year bracket. David was anointed King in his first 25 but became productive as the King of Isreal in the second 25… Joseph had a dream in the first 25 but became Pharaoh’s minister of the economy in the second 25.

Your second 25 is about Sonship, Stewardship and walking in Authority. It is time to take Ownership and Responsibility of the dreams and calling you sensed in your first 25 years.

Always remember 1Th 5:24… Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. (KJV)

… He is not overwhelmed by the problems of the world or running short of resources. You are His priced possession. He keeps you at the top of His to do list.

How do you explain someone going to be a observer of the Nigerian National Finals of an International universities competition in the company of my son ( Akiri Jerry) and being called to be a judge of the finals? That happened to me yesterday… He is committed to doing more for you in Jesus name.

Stand tall

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